• Floating Aqua Park

    If you want to go out for fun,Floating water park is your best chioce.You can race with your friends,or play yourself.Try to take good rest during your holiday.                                            ...
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  • Holiday for Dragon Boat Festival

    Dear all, The holiday for the Dragon Boat Festival is from 25th to 27th June. OHO wishes you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival! Best regards. OHO Inflatables Co.,ltd.
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  • Inflatable Air Track

    Are you looking for Air Track? How about this one? We now have six colors in stock.(Pink,blue,Purple,Light green,Light blue,Black) Once you order,we can ship it immediately. Sitting at the office for a long time can bring so much problems.Sometimes you may feel pain on your neck,waist..and will get fat day…
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  • Newly Design Inflatable Dragon Water Park

    Do you need a water park for summer? This one including water parks,pools,obstacles,big slides. To relax yourself in this Summer!
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  • Dinosaur Fucity--Feedback Photo From Customer

    شكرا لملاحظاتك, عزيزي العميل. انا سعيد جدا لانك احببته. تتوقع الشركة القادمة لدينا.
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  • عشاء الشركة الشهري

    عندما خرجنا من العمل,خرجنا لتناول العشاء ، دعوني أشارككم في المطبخ الصيني.. We felt so hungry and started eating them ASAP.BTW..Have a nice week !
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  • وقت الشاي

    غالبًا ما يكون لشركتنا وقت شاي, سنطلب الكثير من الوجبات الخفيفة, مثل شاي الحليب, fried chicken wings, rice cake ... Before this small party, we took a photo with food. Everyone seems very happy. A happy moment is always transient. After the tea time, we…
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  • حفل توزيع جوائز OHO لشهر أبريل

    في نهاية كل شهر,our company will have an award for the the whole month's effort.Like the picture shows as below,we have three kinds of awards.The 3,000RMB cash is for Supervisor.Next are the awards for gold and silver coin. After the award,we took a group photo. We feel very…
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