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  • inflatable bouncy castle

inflatable bouncy castle

  • izbacivač valova na napuhavanje sa kokosovim drvećem i morskim životinjama OH5-151

    Introduction It's a tropic theme inflatable bouncer with inflatable coconut trees on the four corners. The fence on the bottom is just like wave. Sea animals are printed on the wall and the post in it. Pakovanje & Detalji pakiranja isporuke: Jaka PVC cerada & exported standard carton Delivery…
  • inflatable bounce with dry slide inside OH5-147

    Introduction For this inflatable bounce house, we designed dry slide and climbing ladder inside it. In the front jumping area, there are strong protective nets with dense small holes for protection. Pakovanje & Detalji pakiranja isporuke: Jaka PVC cerada & izvezeni standardni karton Detalji isporuke: 7-15 pogodan za ljetnu zabavu
  • simple inflatable bounce with birds printings OH5-146

    Introduction The design of this inflatable bouncer is quite different with others. The shape is a cube, with 4 columns on the 4 corners to support the roof. On the surface of the columns, there are birds printings. Pakovanje & Detalji pakiranja isporuke: Jaka PVC cerada & exported standard…
  • Spider-man inflatable bouncy castle with slide OH5-111

    Introduction It's a spider man theme inflatable jumping castle with slide, with spider-man printings on the surface. Riders can jump inside the castle, or slide to the outside. Around the bouncer there is protective net to protect the players. These inflatable bouncer is commonly used in parties, outdoor activities and…
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