Ground water park

  • Nagalutaw nga Aqua Park

    Kung gusto ka mogawas para malingaw,Ang naglutaw nga parke sa tubig mao ang imong labing maayo nga chioce.Mahimo ka nga maglumba sa imong mga higala,o pagdula sa imong kaugalingon.Pagpahulay sa pagpahulay sa imong pangilin.                                            
  • Holiday alang sa Dragon Boat Festival

    Minahal sa tanan, Ang holiday alang sa Dragon Boat Festival gikan ika-25 hangtod ika-27 sa Hunyo. Gihangyo sa OHO kamong tanan nga malipayong Dragon Boat Festival! Labing maayong regards. OHO Inflatables Co., ltd.
  • Inflatable Air Track

    Are you looking for Air Track? How about this one? We now have six colors in stock.(Pink,blue,Purple,Light green,Light blue,Black) Once you order,we can ship it immediately. Sitting at the office for a long time can bring so much problems.Sometimes you may feel pain on your neck,waist..and will get fat day…
  • Newly Design Inflatable Dragon Water Park

    Do you need a water park for summer? This one including water parks,pools,obstacles,big slides. To relax yourself in this Summer!
  • Dinosaur Fucity--Feedback Photo From Customer

    Salamat sa imong feedback, minahal kong kostumer. Nalipay kaayo ko nga gusto nimo kini. Nagpaabut sa among sunod nga korporasyon.
  • Bulanan nga panihapon sa Company

    Pag paghunong namo sa trabaho,migawas kami alang sa panihapon.Paghatag ako sa pagpaambit kanimo sa linuto nga Intsik.. We felt so hungry and started eating them ASAP.BTW..Have a nice week !
  • Oras sa Tsaa

    Ang among kompanya kanunay adunay time tea.At this time, mag order kami sa daghang snacks, sama sa gatas nga tsaa, fried chicken wings, rice cake ... Before this small party, we took a photo with food. Everyone seems very happy. A happy moment is always transient. After the tea time, we…
  • Ang seremonyas sa OHO Awards alang sa Abril

    Sa katapusan sa matag bulan,our company will have an award for the the whole month's effort.Like the picture shows as below,we have three kinds of awards.The 3,000RMB cash is for Supervisor.Next are the awards for gold and silver coin. After the award,we took a group photo. We feel very…
  • Safety Precautions for Inflatable Maze

    1. Please take off your shoes and enter the inflatable maze. 2. Large-scale inflatable amusement facilities are suitable for children 3 to 12 years of age, and under the age of 8 need to be accompanied by parents to play. 3. Please do not bring any sharp objects such as…
  • Benefits of Inflatable Rock Climbing for Kids

    1. Inflatable rock climbing (castle) can enhance self-confidence: The team faces a rock wall that is taller than their own, and still insists on climbing upwards. They are not afraid of the difficulties and challenges in the inflatable climbing process of the team, and their minds are naturally more calm…
  • Precautions for Using Inflatable Trampoline

    Now there are more and more inflatable toys such as inflatable castles and inflatable slides. The main reason is that inflatable toys are suitable for children of all ages. They can stimulate the brain's ability to learn, stretch limbs, swing the body, and have obvious help for physical fitness and…
  • Safety Precautions for Inflatable Tents

    1. When installing an inflatable tent on mud or sand, you can dig a drainage ditch around the tent to ensure that the ground inside the tent is dry; 2. If the inflatable tent needs to be cooked in the tent, it is necessary to keep the flame away from…
  • Why Inflatable Play Equipment Is Suitable For Younger Children

    Children's liveliness makes parents embarrassed, more often in order to prevent accidents, to try and feel is growth. After all, children grow up by their own efforts. Younger children are less adept and physically immature. Or they stop there and watch something on the slide not move, don't rush to…
  • Water Walking Ball Product Use Precautions(Chapter 3)

    13. When playing, please follow the "Guide to Tourists", otherwise, safety responsibilities and other damage will occur. 14. Visitors are not allowed to bring sharp-pointed items (such as knives, scissors, keys, etc.) to play the product; avoid sharp-pointed objects to puncture the product during use. 15. People with high blood…
  • Inflatable Water Walking Ball Product Use Precautions(Chapter 2)

    7. A safety rope must be attached to each inflatable water walking ball. Operators should pay close attention to the site conditions. When abnormality is found, use the safety rope or other methods to quickly pull the inflatable water walking ball and people to the shore to ensure personnel safety. 8.
  • Water Walking Ball Product Use Precautions(Chapter 1)

    1. This product is a new type of inflatable amusement product. The product is well-designed and has multiple safety protection functions to ensure the safety and reliability of tourists. However, the user must use the "Manual" according to the inflatable water walking ball. 2. On the site of using the…
  • Maintenance Method of Inflatable Water Walking Ball

    1. In order for your device to reach its normal useful life, the inflatable water walking ball's internal load is 150 kg. Before opening and closing the zipper, pull the slider along the direction of the zipper teeth. The zipper opening and closing speed should be controlled within 10-15 meters…
  • Maintenance and Repair Method of Inflatable Castle

    1. To keep the inflatable castle clean, wipe it regularly with water. 2. Keep product dry. Waterproof and moisture-proof, mainly protecting sutures. Always blow dry after rainy or humid weather to make inflatable castledry. 3. Glue bonding conditions: A. Air dry, B, temperature above 20 degrees. 4. Glue bonding method:
  • Tips On The Safe Use of Children's Inflatable Products

    1. When the child is playing, always know where the child is. No matter your child is big or small, keep the child in your sight. 2. Before the child plays, pay attention to the restriction of watching the weight to avoid causing the rupture of the inflatable bed. 3.
  • Inflatable Slides Popular With Kids

    Inflatable slides have always been a kind of facilities that children like. Children slide from high to the bottom at once, then climb up and slide down. Inflatable slides are also one of the more popular products among investors. Small investment, fast return, convenient disassembly, simple operation, convenient later maintenance…
  • How To Distinguish The Quality of Inflatable Slides

    How to identify the quality of inflatable slides, the first step is to know how to identify the quality of inflatable slides. Inflatable slides generally use PVC material as the main material, and PVC material is easy to identify according to thickness, texture and other aspects. Good PVC material itself…
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