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Our material

Pääasiallisena materiaalina meidän puhallettava tuotteet on Platonin PVC pressu. Plato is one of the best PVC tarpaulin manufacturers, and has experience of more than 30 vuotta. Their products are used all over the world.

For our products, the 0.55mm and 0.9mm thickness PVC tarpaulin are the most frequently used ones. Here is the picture of the PVC tarpaulin material in our factory.

Below are the main features of our material

Low temperature resistant

Our material is resistant to low temperature low to -20 Celsius degree, and high temperature up to 70 Celsius degree.
Here is the test report for low temperature resistance


As most of our games are outdoor, it would guarantee its long life span and the color would not fade away under exposure to the sun. Pls see below test report.

Fire retardant

It meets the specification of BS 7837:1996. Here is the test report:

Non-toxic and environment friendly

It meets the EU REACH Regulation No 1907/2006 article 33(1). So it won’t hurt the player or the environment. Pls see below test report.


The tensile strength and tear strength of our material can meet the requirements of commercial use. Below are the detailed parameters of 0.55mm and 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin.

Here we would like to share the use case of each type

0.55mm PVC-pressu: used in a giant commercial hippo slide

0.9mm PVC-pressu: used in a giant floating water park

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