Inflatable Stand Up Surfboard
Inflatable Stand Up Surfboard
Inflatable Stand Up Surfboard
Inflatable Stand Up Surfboard

Inflatable Stand Up Surfboard

How can summer be without a surfboard? Our inflatable stand up surfboard use 1.2mm thickness double wall fabric, and durable PVC material, more thicker than most of other suppliers.


Brand: אוהו

Model NO: OHO-IPB-003

חומר:1.2mm double wall fabric, 15mm PVC tarpaulin, EVA

Minimum order quantity: 1 pieces

Supply Ability: 10000 חתיכה / Month

תעודה: CE EN14960

Stock Time: 7-15 Days

פרטי מוצר

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Description of inflatable stand up surfboard:

גודל: Can be customized.
אביזרים: 1 x inflatable paddle board, 1 x aluminum paddle, 1 x center fin, 1 x hand pump, 1 x leash, 1 x backpack, 1 x repair kit.
Customization: גודל, color, logo, pattern, printing, all of them can be customized.
תעודה: CE EN14960
תשלום: L / C, ת / ת, ווסטרן יוניון, כסף מזומן
תנאי סחר: EXW, FOB, CRF, CIF, DDU
מצב משלוח: על ידי ים, באוויר, על ידי מפורש
MOQ: 1 חתיכה,


Inflatable sup board details:

1: We uses 15cm thickness PVC material, and the maximum load bearing can be up to 150KG.
2: The width is more than 80cm, which greatly improves the stability of the surfboard on the water and provides reliable safety guarantee for surfer.

OHO inflatable paddle board care every feature:

1: High strength tension rope, can be loaded with personal items and not easy to fall off. Heat shrinkable pipe technology is adopted at the junction of elastic rope, which is not easy to loosen.
2: Non-slip handle design, easy to lift and carry
3: Slide- in fin, easy to use.
4: Inflation and deflation valve.


Our inflatable stand up surfboard application: you can enjoy your time with friends, sightseeing, do yoga, loll to relax and sunbathing.


OHO inflatable stand up surfboard advantage: suitable for carry out with light weight and product size design.

Inflatable sup board application: go surf in sea or lake, and enjoy the yoga time.


Our certificate:

We meets CE EN14960 standards, quality assurance.



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