• floating water park on sea/lake

floating water park on sea/lake

  • Commercial Inflatable sea water park--OH2-124

    製品導入: This water park covers an area of over 600 square meter and includes many games. On the 4 corner, there are rock climbing wall, pyramid slide, guard tower and slippery slope. In the middle, there are kiddie slide and trampoline. And they are connected by inflatable pad, wobbly…
  • Commercial Inflatable sea water park--OH2-129

    製品導入: We designed this floating water in color white and blue and size 36x31m. In the middle, there is a large rectangular trampoline. Around the trampoline, there are small tower slide, モンキーバー, jungle bar, guard tower etc. And there are also inflatable pad for players to walk, run…
  • Commercial Inflatable sea water park--OH2-143

    製品導入: The size for this water park is 40x25m. And there are many interested games in it: a big trampoline in the middle, and other games like jungle bar, happy swing, トンネル, tower slide, kiddie slide and so on around it. その上, there are also water toys like inflatable…
  • Commercial Inflatable sea water park--OH2-152

    製品導入: This sea water park is designed with various games, like big trampoline for players to jump, small slide to slide down, inflatable pad for players to walk and run, jungle bars for players to climb. その上, there are also large ice berg with slide on its top, rocket…
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