New Upgrade Air Track
New Upgrade Air Track
New Upgrade Air Track
New Upgrade Air Track
New Upgrade Air Track

New Upgrade Air Track

Air track is one of the most popular products by the majority of users when DWF material comes. Our mats are premium quality and favorable price, humanized design which suitable for all kinds of professional training places. OHO has upgraded the airtrack according to the actual use of the user.


Brand: OHO inflatable

Model NO: OHAT1-01

재료: Double wall fabric

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Supply Ability: 300 pieces / Day

Stock Time: 7-15 Days

제품 상세 정보

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크기(L * W * H): Regular size
재료: Double wall fabric(DWF).
Color: Mint green, purple, orange, pink, blue, or can be customized.
Stitching: Flat hot sealing
Pump: Electric air pump
수축: Air pump with deflating function
How to clean up Just water and soap.
증명서: CE EN14960
지불: L / C, T / T, 웨스턴 유니언, 현금
거래 조건: EXW, 본선 인도,CRF, CIF 가격
보증: 3 연령
MOQ: 10 조각


Compare with the basic air track:


Compare with other suppliers, our advantage is :

1.Can you change the size?
예, we will produce according to your requirement based on safety concern.


2.Can you put my logo on the products?
예, 우리는 제품에 당신의 로고를 인쇄해서 좋습니다. AI 형식으로 파일을 보내야합니다..


3. Can you design one pieces specially?
예, 우리에게 세부 사항을 스케치 또는 요구 사항의 사진을 보내 우리는 당신에게 최고의 가격을 인용합니다.


4.제품에 포함 된 것?
It is included electric air pump, repair kit (without glue), canvas handbag.


5.어떤 종류의 보증을 제공?
Our airtrack mat can be used more than 3 연령. 손상된 경우, 접착제와 재료를 사용하여 수리 할 수 ​​있습니다.. 상품을 다시 배송하기에는 너무 먼 거리이기 때문에, we will send a kit bag for the products.



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