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Established in 2009, OHO inflatables have succeeded in manufacturing and supplying inflatable products for clients globally. Our main products are floating water parks, water parks on land, inflatable slides and inflatable toys & games.

Za fakitale yathu

Our factory covers over 8,000 square meter, mainly including the work shop for sewing products, work shop for air tight products, special outdoor space to install and test our products, and office area. Due to our rich experience and professional equipment, we always supply the customers products with best quality and good experience.

sewing products workshop

hot-sealing products workshop

Outdoor Space to install products

Office area

About our mechanical equipmen

We are equipped with cutting machines, sewing machines and heat sealing machines for material process.

Cutting machines

They are controlled by the computer, so our material can be precisely cut.

Sewing machine

We have at least 25 sewing machines that can ensure the production schedule even in peak season.

Hot-sealing machine

The temperature of hot sealing must be controlled around 600℃. Only people like our workers, who have years of experience can do that.

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