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  • 夏天需要充氣漁船

    冇船嘅夏天点可能? 我哋嘅係非常僵化嘅, 重量輕的船體,性能優異. 氣管嘅顏色可以選擇.
  • 熱銷充氣浮動平台

    夏天咗嚟, 係偉大嘅使用我哋嘅水充氣浮動平台產品, 喺平靜嘅波浪中,你可以閱讀, 同朋友一起享受陽光, 黨, 等. Our inflatable air island use 1.2mm Double Wall fabric material, safety and durable.
  • New product - Inflatable air car bed

    New product of Inflatable car air bed, whic is made of double wall fabric and PVC material, with non-toxic and safe feature. The size and color can be custom to suit your car. Our aim is to offer you a safe and comfortable mobile bedroom.          
  • 水上公園。

    如果你想出去玩。,水上樂園係您最好嘅水上樂園。 你可以和你的朋友比賽。,或玩自己。 假期期間盡量好好休息。.                                            
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