Precautions for Using Inflatable Trampoline

Now there are more and more inflatable toys such as inflatable castles and inflatable slides. The main reason is that inflatable toys are suitable for children of all ages. They can stimulate the brain’s ability to learn, stretch limbs, swing the body, and have obvious help for physical fitness and intelligence.

At the same time, the development of children’s parks is also going well. Many shopping malls and parks have opened indoor children’s parks, and inflatable castles are very popular. Below we introduce the precautions for using the inflatable trampoline.

1. During the operation, it is best to pay attention to the situation on the site, so as not to cause damage to children’s inflatable trampolines or children’s accidents.

2. Keeping the children’s inflatable trampoline tidy and clean will not only bring a good environment for children to play, I believe it will also bring a lot of customers to your business.

3. It is strictly forbidden to operate in abnormal weather, such as high winds, cloudy days and want to rain, etc., in order to prevent temporary situations from causing losses to everyone.

4. Pay attention to whether the child is playing or not when playing inflatable, so as not to cause dangerous accidents such as overwhelming children.

5. The outer cover of the fan is tight and tight to prevent children from touching.

6. Keep the power socket out of the reach of children. The power cord should be safe and not damaged.

7. Inflatable toy trampoline is operated outside and operators should collecte it on time. These inflatable toys are easily damaged by long-term exposure to external wind and affect normal use.

8. Label children’s play notes to remind parents and children what to pay attention to during the play process.

Post time: 2020-01-24